Back End Developer (m/f/d)

Are you a collaborative, growth-oriented and open minded backend engineer on the lookout for your next tech challenge? Would you love to find a team where you can dedicate your skills to fight climate change and shape a more sustainable future?

We’re a growing team at a sustainable tech startup developing solutions for a system change towards a circular economy. Our focus lies on the textile industry, one of the biggest climate challenges since it causes more tonnes of CO2e per year than all international flights and maritime shipping together. is a young and growing organisation with an international team of ten people. We unify interdisciplinary backgrounds of software engineering, textile, design, business and sustainability.

This is a great role for you if you’re looking for a position where you can work in a collaborative and tightly-knit team, have a lot of ownership of your work, and create impactful products that can make a big difference in making one of the world’s most polluting industries more sustainable.

You will have many opportunities for learning and creativity as you design and deliver new products and contribute to architectural decisions.


Your role & tasks

As a back end engineer on our software team you will be working together in a small product team with three other back end engineers and one front end engineer to further develop and architect our sustainable software solutions. Your tasks will include:

  • Working both independently and cooperatively, taking initiative to learn and develop your skills
  • Writing maintainable and elegant code that’s easy to read, and refactoring and rearchitecting existing software where needs arise as the business requirements develop
  • Testing the software you write for reliability and robustness
  • Helping maintain and eventually migrate our current CI/CD pipeline and infrastructure
  • Embracing feedback on your own code, and contributing to code reviews
  • Partnering on projects with both internal and external participants and being a considerate collaborator when working with others
  • Caring for knowledge transfer and mentor others in the team, whether they’re more junior overall or just less experienced in your domain of expertise
  • Practicing continuous learning of different programming paradigms and new technologies
  • Collaborating with textile and sustainability experts in designing new tools for the industry
  • Being an effective technical and non-technical communicator

Skills and experiences

Most of all, we’re looking for someone who can learn to perform the above tasks. There are no formal education requirements, but there are some skills and experiences that would help you do great work in your role:

  • Experience with MVC frameworks - the core of our current toolset is a Django application, and while the longer term future is open in terms of our software roadmap, familiarity with MVC frameworks will definitely help working with the current stack
  • Experience with multiple programming languages, different kinds of infrastructure and software engineering paradigms
  • Experience designing API-first applications and general experience designing software architecture
  • DevOps experience, especially using modern deployment and infrastructure tools (e.g. Kubernetes) in a cloud based environment
  • Experience with data engineering and/or setting up data pipelines
  • Experience in the textile industry and / or knowledge about textiles and garments
  • Experience with interdisciplinary work and bridging collaboration between the technical and the non-technical side of an interdisciplinary team
  • Experience with RFID/NFC chips and readers and other related technologies (we work with digital identifiers as a part of our circularity.ID circular product passport)

Further details

This is a position created as our team is growing, and is open as soon as you can start. Compensation is calculated by a formula that depends on a combination of experience, level of responsibility, and tenure at This position will pay in the range of 40.000 - 50.000 € for a developer with five years of experience just starting at

The company is based in Berlin, where we also have an office that you can work from once the pandemic eases up, but we also have a couple fully remote employees. We’re completely open for remote work, and this work can be performed by anyone in a timezone ranging between GMT+0 and GMT+2.


About us

Here are a few things that make us stand out as an organization

Our team: You are surrounded by a highly motivated, collaborative and solutions-focused team.

Industry-leading: Closed loop recycling in the textile industry is very new, but is going through massive growth. Having been in the space for several years, many of the things we do in-house also inform EU-wide and global policies and standards. We also collaborate with technical universities in developing cutting edge technologies for the circular economy - such as the project, where we develop a garment classification system via computer vision and material analysis spectroscopy for garment sorters.

Self-development: We’re a small but growing interdisciplinary team - we all wear many hats. There are many opportunities for you to try on new responsibilities and loads of learning opportunities.

Interdisciplinary collaboration: We are open for everyone on the team to bring in skills and interests beyond their main role since we are convinced that interdisciplinary exchange brings out the best solutions

Participation and transparency: We invite you to join team discussions on our strategy and contribute to shape the roadmap and the journey of our company. We’re also completely transparent about our budget and make collaborative decisions on how to use it.

Impact: By further developing our software tools you are helping fashion companies from startups to some of the largest global fashion players such as HUGO BOSS and H&M to realize their transition towards a sustainable and circular business model

Future: Together we shape the future of how we produce and consume and realise a positive vision for this world

If you are curious about getting to know us, please send us your application to with your CV, and answers to the following questions:

  • What is one idea (big or small) that you have for how data and/or technology could be used in the circular economy? You can keep it really short, we suggest a 200 word limit!
  • Which of the skills from the ones we listed above as pointers that could really help you be great at this position do you have?
  • What are your salary expectations, and when is the earliest you could start?
  • Which timezone are you located in?
  • (optional) A link to your GitHub, blog, portfolio website or anything else you might want us to know about you!

Please don’t be afraid to send in an application even if you fit some of the qualifications but not all!