For fashion brands, designers and garment manufacturers

A comprehensive 20-hour online training course with in-depth knowledge of circular fashion.

In this online training course, you will learn about material selection; design strategies such as designing for mono-cycle and longevity; and the closed-loop production processes, from take-back, to sorting and recycling garments.

When you’ve completed the training, you will have created a circularity concept for a selected product; discovered a large variety of circular design methods and material solutions; and, crucially, gained knowledge on how circularity can drive positive change and help sustainable businesses thrive in the fashion industry.

The training comes in two versions; either for designers with a focus on circular product design or for garment manufactures with a focus on circular manufacturing.
01 For fashion brands and designers

Learn how to design for circularity

An interactive online training to be conducted over a few consecutive days or a longer time frame (as needed or preferred) that delivers a mix of theory-based and exercise-based modules for an informative and applied learning experience

295 € incl. VAT per license

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Get a holistic overview of: circular materials, designing for cyclability, designing for longevity, engaging the user, and closed loop recycling

Work on one predefined product challenge and redesigned it for circularity

Receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion

02 For garment manufacturers

Learn how to manufacture for circularity

An interactive online training tool to learn the theory behind circularity in fashion, design and production processes. We provide a set of hands-on Circular Manufacturing Guidelines to learn what it means to manufacture for longevity and circularity

295 € incl. VAT per license

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Get a holistic overview of how to manufacture for circularity, including circular materials, design for material cyclability, longevity, closed loop production systems, and closed loop recycling

Explore hands-on, market-ready solutions tailored to a specific product of yours to adopt at your facility

Receive a Circular Manufacturer Certificate upon successful completion

If you and your team want to conduct the online training in a guided sprint with check-ins from the team, reach out for a tailored offer and quote.

Maria Schmidt
Maria Schmidt Project Manager & Executive Assistant