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Circularity provides exciting opportunities for creativity, innovation and aesthetics in fashion design. To design for circularity is dependent on well-thought-out decisions taken in the very beginning of the design process: from choosing the right materials and trims to incorporating strategies of how to design for optimal use in terms of longevity, adaptability and material cyclability.

The Circular Design Software enables fashion brands to design circular and sustainable products in a lean and efficient process. From providing access to hundreds of circular materials, design guidelines and product briefings to the creation of a tech pack with a circularity check. Get access to the Circular Design Software featuring the following tools:

Features of the Circular Design Software

Circular Materials

The material database holds hundreds of fabrics, trims and additionals, carefully selected for their sustainable properties and validated for future recyclability by our innovative partner network. Search according to technical and aesthetic preferences and contact suppliers directly on the platform to request sample swatches and place orders. To visit our showroom in Berlin, please contact us on materials@circular.fashion.

Circular Design Guidelines

The circular design guidelines showcases ideas, templates and practical guidance on how to apply circular design solutions to individual product designs. Get inspired and become an expert on circular fashion design.

Product Development

Streamline the design process by saving and organizing your collections and products in one place. All uploaded drawings and created pieces can easily be accessed by everyone in the team at any point in time in order to find product specifications and tech packs. Specify your quantities, generate technical production documents (BOM, design sheet) and retrieve a unique circularity.ID for each of your pieces.

Circular Product Check

Select your materials in the product configurator and prove its cyclability. Our Circular Product Check verifies that a recyclable combination of materials and design strategies is used and saves all information on a unique product site accessible by a scannable tag the circularity.ID.


A unique circularity.ID is created for each approved garment and can be attached as a scannable woven label to the piece. Order the IDs directly online to give your customer access to the digital product site able to trace the product throughout the whole life cycle.

The Customer Interface

The customer interface holds full transparency of a garment’s story including its production, materials and care instructions. Options and benefits to update, resell or recycle a garment are presented.

Sorting software

The circularity.ID enacts a sorting software where circular garments quickly can be identified at sorting facilities and sent to the matching recycling partner. In the future, the option to bring these recycled textiles back into the production stream will be possible, creating an endless textile loop.

Showcase your sustainable materials in our material database

circular.fashion is built for material suppliers like you

To ensure circularity of fashion, we first of all need to make sure that all material that goes into a garment is safe and healthy. The circular material database holds the latest sustainable and innovative materials. Fashion brands and designers can easily source materials for their collections and place order requests directly on the platform.

Extend your customer outreach and accelerate the use of your sustainable materials by making them visible in our database. All textiles will be reviewed by our circular material check and matched to one of our recycling partners to ensure future recyclability.

Your Benefits

Circular Material Database

The material database holds hundreds of fabrics, trims and additionals carefully selected for their sustainable properties and validated for future recyclability by our innovative partner network. Material suppliers of sustainable textiles and trims are invited to offer the products in the database.

Circular Material Check

Your materials are required to have at least one certificate covering social and environmental standards and must conform with restricted chemical guidelines. Your products should also prove recycling feasibility through a conducted circular material check with one of our recycling partners.


In addition to offering materials to be purchased online in our Circular Design Software, we also provide clients the opportunity to come and see and feel the materials in our showroom in Berlin as well as presenting the materials at workshops, exhibitions and trade fairs.

Contact us

To offer your materials on our database please follow these three steps:


Express your interest

Send an email to materials@circular.fashion. We will create a company account for you and begin building your personal material library with your selected materials.


Access your library

We will get back to you with your log-in details. From here, you have the ability to expand and maintain your product offering.


Confirm circularity

We will conduct a circularity check on all your products. Approved materials will be listed and visible to interested brands and designers.

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