Circular T-Shirt

How do you design a circular t-shirt for the cellulosic cycle?

The circular t-shirt is designed with material cyclablity and longevity in mind. It is designed for future recycling in the tech-cycle and all material is carefully selected to be chemically fibre to fibre regenerated. Production has taken place in Portugal, with the support of Montebelo Studio and Brave Particle Garment Manufacturing. To make it last, not only in function but in desire and style, we wanted to give you as a user the chance to update it throughout its life. We scouted the market for natural dye pigments that do not affect the t-shirt’s potential to be chemically recycled while engaging you as a user in sustainable circular practices. If you simply lose interest in the t-shirt, or stain it, the colour can be updated.

Circular T-shirt

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