A capsule collection designed to circulate

How might we blend urban, nature and innovation into a wearable capsule collection designed to circulate?

Vretena strives to combine their three main pillars, essential for their vision of the future: Urban, Nature, Innovation. For Vretena, Urban describes the people in our technological era, our progress and accessibility to information, but also cultural diversity and social engagement. Nature is their inspiration and they thrive in its example. Through Innovation, they believe they can bring the other two components together in a sustainable and balanced way that is beneficial for all.

We’re always excited to join forces with brands committed to reinventing the way fashion is produced and consumed, which motivated our excitement to collaborate with Vretena to create their first-ever capsule collection designed to circulate, tagged with our circularity.ID®.

A vibrant new story

Shortly after meeting the founders at a workshop for circularity, our collaboration on Vretena’s capsule collection started, aiming to capture all three of their pillars. We looked into the business plan together and started the process of selecting and sourcing sustainable materials. From the 100% biodegradable Tencel™ Sewing Yarn dyed according to the strict guidelines of Cradle to Cradle® Gold to the matching additionals (buttons, labels, zippers), the collection was truly made to circulate.

Exciting materials

In addition to being responsibly manufactured in Bulgaria, the collection sports some really exciting materials.

The shirts Enarisa, Erthea and Skyler in brilliant white (below) have been confirmed suitable for fibre-to-fibre recycling within our innovative partner network. The fabrics are 100% organic cotton matched to Re:newcell, making them chemically recyclable.

Staying true to their Innovation pillar, the Gretchen raincoat and Akiko skirt are made of EtaProof which is 100% organic cotton that is waterproof, making it an absolute breakthrough.

circularity.ID® integration

Technology plays a major role in enabling change and accelerate the transformation towards circularity. Adding our circularity.ID® to every piece warrants transparency and traceability in the supply chain, making the garments’ life visible for the customer. By simply scanning the code, the customer will learn about the garment’s story, its production, care instructions, return, reuse, and recycling options. The circularity.ID® enable hands-on innovation, a key pillar of Vretena’s business model.

The entire collection is tagged with our circularity.ID® made of 100% recycled polyester, which holds the needed material and product data to enable circularity at the end of life. This ensures future reuse, reselling and recycling. The data is saved according to our open data standard. Through this system, data becomes accessible to stakeholders in the fashion ecosystem at any point in time to assess and handle products for a circular economy.

Designed to circulate

Vretena has a take-back policy to ensure that the piece will circulate as much as possible through refurbishes or repairs before being delivered to recycling facilities. All materials follow specific feedstock parameters set by recycling partners such that all pieces can be delivered to a recycler at their end of life for high-quality chemical or mechanical recycling.