Circular Design Training:
a driver of innovation and creativity

The team offers workshops that encourages and enables fashion brands to incorporate circularity into the core of their business. We provide state of the art research, industry knowledge and methods that help your brand transition towards circular practices in every step of the supply chain - from material selection, design strategies, business models and communication strategies to reverse supply chain logistics.

A Holistic Approach

Our team’s interdisciplinary backgrounds in textiles, fashion design, business, marketing and process engineering, combined with an expertise in circular fashion let us work with a unique, holistic and hands-on approach.

Design Thinking Inspired

The workshops include a theoretical foundation to the definition of circular fashion and its key principles. This is followed by design thinking methods that put your company’s needs and desires in focus to develop the perfect and unique solution individually for your case.

Drive Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our workshops. In a dynamic and engaging setting, we aim to create awareness and nurture circular thinking to come up with innovative solutions that challenge the current state of the fashion industry. Solutions that create new customer offerings, while gaining financial and creative value in a new circular economy for fashion and textiles - letting you become a sustainability pioneer.

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