The system enables products of today to become the resources of tomorrow. is a sustainable change agency creating product- and system innovation for a circular economy in fashion and textiles by:

The System

Today, less than 1% of clothing is recycled into new clothing [1]. A circular fashion industry is a regenerative system in which garments are able to circulate with maximum value retained for as long as possible before being able to re-enter the system through reuse or recycling.

To transform the industry, responsible, clever and creative decisions need to be taken in every aspect of a garment’s life - from choosing the right materials, design and construction, retail and use, to finally reuse and recycling.

Therefore, we provide state of the art research, expertise and practical assets through workshops and software tools that help your brand transition towards circular practices.

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Explore each part of the system:

  1. The Circular Design Software, workshops and sourcing support for fashion brands, enable recyclable product design.
  2. The circularity.IDs in garments inform customers and sorters to successfully bring them back into the loop by reusing, updating or regenerating into new fibres.
  3. Our highly innovative recycling partner network ensures that your products of today will become the resources of tomorrow.

Moving towards a circular economy is not an option - it is essential to survive as a business in the future. Be part of the change and join the system. Reach out to us for more information about our software and the workshops we offer and learn how it can benefit your company:

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