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We support you in the development of circular collections

01 Circular Strategy & Targets

Analyse your status quo and lay the foundation for future targets.

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We support you to set targets and define realistic KPIs for circular products. Through a tailored set of services ranging from hot spot analysis, build up of parameters for product mapping, stakeholder interviews and strategic workshops, we define routes of action and identify the best levers and targets for your company.

Scale your product portfolio’s circularity by defining quick wins and impact levers to set targets and strategy

Measure & manage the percentage of circular products in your portfolio

Implement Circular Design Criteria as a framework to analyse and validate your portfolio and assess your portfolio against our Circular Design Criteria

Define preferable routes per product category and product's purpose to prioritize suitable strategies such as recycled vs. renewable inputs, repairable vs. transformable design.

02 Circular Product Development is happy to support you is happy to support you in designing a collection optimized for circularity, and ensuring your products can be recycled using today’s textile recycling technologies.

With our Circular Design Consulting session, we dive into the key concepts of circularity in the field of fashion, explore the potential of circular design strategies, discover suitable materials specific to your brief, and use design thinking methods to propel the creativity of your collection.

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We provide you with a two-hour digital or in-person session

By the end of the session, you will have an understanding of circularity in fashion and its key concepts

By the end of the session, you will have developed concrete circular design concepts and solutions for your specific products

03 Circular and Sustainable Material Sourcing

Already have a circular product concept in mind?

Finding materials with a low environmental impact that meet current textile recycling requirements is a crucial step in making the shift toward a future of circular fashion. offers different material sourcing packages to support you in finding the most suitable materials for your collection.

Our team offers expert advice on materials and connects you with trusted suppliers to help your brand make the transition to sustainable and circular practices.

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Expert knowledge to help define your circularity brief, including a material sourcing plan

A list of two to five recommended materials per component and related swatches, including basic article and supplier information

Direct contact with suppliers via an introductory email

04 Circular Material and Product Check

Evaluating products to meet the requirements

Evaluating products to meet the requirements of current textile recycling technologies is a critical step toward the future of circular fashion.

We offer circular material and product checks to ensure that the garment you design meets the requirements of recyclers so that it can be regenerated into fibre at the end of its life. This involves checking a single material or all components that the product is comprised of based on concrete requirements from our large recycling partner network in Europe*. Our aim is to match the product to trusted recycling facilities.

*for checks on products that are retailed to users in other markets, e.g. US, Asia, etc., please email

A circularity assessment: we match your materials and products to one or more recyclers within our recycling partner network

In-depth analysis of a product's material composition and chemical treatment

A customized evaluation report with results and areas of improvement for your material or product

Let’s check your entire product and all of its components

1 to 5 components, €350 per product

5 to 12 components, €550 per product

13+ components, €750 per product

Let’s check selected material(s) only

1 to 10 materials, €120 per material

11 to 50 materials, €100 per material

51+ materials, €85 per material

Our private label product teams designed new products from the very beginning with circularity in mind and according to concrete recycling requirements that we learned from We were excited to receive the results of the Circular Product Checks, verifying that each product was recyclable and matched to at least one recycler within’s partner network.

Our product teams are very eager to continue our journey towards circularity and therefore we look forward to roll out circular design trainings across our organization. It’s also rewarding to see our customers appreciate the products that are designed for circularity, as seen through their positive commercial performance
Kathryn Quilici
Kathryn Quilici Manager Private Labels Sustainability Zalando SE

We are always open to collaborations and innovative projects. If you have an idea and see potential for a partnership, reach out to us!

Claudia Szerakowski
Claudia Szerakowski Circular Design Strategist & Circular Design Coach