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Our Circular Material Library is the first digital showcase of fabrics, yarns, trims, leathers, and leather alternatives that have been tested and validated for future recyclability.

01 Circular Material Library

Make your innovative and sustainable materials accessible to brands.

Our Circular Material Library lets you showcase your innovative and sustainable materials to fashion brands around the world and sell them directly to clients who share your values. All materials are checked and validated for future recyclability by our comprehensive Circular Material Check, and then matched to recycling cycles according to our network database.

Register materials that fulfill three criteria:

  1. Sustainable properties, including raw material and production process
  2. Innovative material composition and properties
  3. Circular properties; the material can be mechanically or chemically recycled, industrially biodegraded or composted

An online showcase of your materials to share with existing and future clients

Materials checked for recyclability to ensure their ability to circulate

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02 Circular Material Check

Validate the circularity of your textiles through a comprehensive check.

We conduct Circular Material Checks* on textiles, yarns, trims, leather, and other materials with the aim of matching them with one or several recyclers within our partner network. The checks are done through an in-depth analysis of the material‘s chemical composition to ensure alignment with recycling requirements. The checks are conducted based on the material specifications provided by you, and evaluated based on the recycling requirements of our European recycling partner network.** Your first ten materials during the first 12 months are checked free of charge.

*you do not need to check for circularity with us to offer your material in our library. ** For checks on materials or products that are retailed to users in other markets (e.g. US, Asia, etc.), please email team@circular.fashion

Verify actionable circularity of your materials conveniently through the software

Ensure that your materials match the recycling feedstock requirements of mechanical and chemical technologies

Receive an in-depth analysis of your material's composition and chemical treatment

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circular.fashion is actively educating and enabling industry-wide adoption of circular materials. Their platform is the leading resource and point of collaborative discovery for those on the path towards circularity and resource efficiency. Circular Systems is proud to partner with circular.fashion towards the creation of a new global fashion economy - forming the systems, services and materials needed to kickstart the transformation.
Ricardo I. Garay
Ricardo I. Garay Agraloop Project Coordinator
Circular SystemsTM

Receive a quote tailored to your needs!

The Circular Material Library is free for material suppliers for 12 months from the date of registration. During this first year, your first ten materials are checked by us free of charge.

Interested in using raw material innovations and new recycled materials?

We can provide connections to material innovators and textile recyclers producing recycled yarns.

Freya Gardner
Freya Gardner Circular Material Manager